Different Kinds of Limousines Available for renting

One of the best ways to enter any prestigious event is arriving in a limousine. Now, why doesn’t like these? Driven by highly skilled chauffeurs and bringing the coveted privacy, convenience & extravagance opting for limo services is ideal for those with money to spare.

Therefore, whether you’ve bachelorette parties, business events or prom nights to attend, it’s best that you know the different types of limos available. In this way, you can pick the best-suited one for your specific event.

So, without wasting time,

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Let’s review the Various Kinds of Limousines Available

  1. Limo Bus

So, you’re about to head to your wedding reception and you wish to travel together with your bridesmaid and grooms. Well, then think no more and opt for a limousine bus when hiring limo service Toronto.

A limo bus has the capability of housing more than 30 recipients and is currently the largest limousine available. It has the option of disco lights, drinking zones and bar, a proper restroom, leisure and upholstered sofas along with strobes and poles.

  1. Sedan Limousine

One of the most cost-effective limousines to pick while traveling is the sedan limo. This can seat up to 4 members and additionally ideal for corporate business travel.

Furthermore, traveling in this sedan limo offers a cozy and comfortable ride. Additionally, this one eludes an air of elegance and instills confidence among co-workers and sub-employees to see a client/boss traveling in the epitome of style.

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  1. Stretch Limo

If you’re visiting Vegas for your ultimate bachelor’s party, then it is best to do it in style. Thankfully, you can go to your nearest limo service Toronto and pick a stretch limousine to do the same.

The stretched version of a sedan, this stretch limo can seat more than 4 people and is ideal for your bachelor party mates. Besides, each vehicle comes equipped with audio-visual systems, bars with champagne flutes, LED lights, audio-visual systems, etc., that is perfect to set up the mood of a party.

  1. The Convertible Limo

Are you the flashy type who loves to live each moment in extravagance? Then, if you have a date planned or a college event to attend, go for the extremely appealing convertible limo.

This one moreover, features the option of seating up to 8 people, with the extravagant limo options like entertainment sections, bars, comfy seats, etc.

  1. Classic Vintage Limousine

If you’re fond of vintage cars, featuring old school broad design then for your wedding party hire the Classic Vintage Limousine from your Toronto limo services.

It has all the modern features of a sedan limo on the inside, but on the outside, it eludes a classic aura that instantly begets attention.

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  1. Lincoln Limousine

Last but not least; the Lincoln Limousine is another type that is mostly hired from limo service Toronto. This one comes with adequate seating space, controlled temperature settings, entertainment sections, high-tech navigation controller, and a mini bar, etc.

Basically, this one encompasses elegance, luxury, comfort and style and hence, is an ideal one for low key events, business meetings, and grand outings.

So, depending on the type of requirements you have and the event to attend, pick the correct limo to enter in flair and panache. Just remember to pick the most reputed limo service Toronto in town, to ensure a good functioning model for your purpose.