Mega Menu Web Design: Classic Examples for Inspiration

As per Canada SEO company professionals, one of the best ways to feature the numerous pages on your website is mega menus. Now, for a beginner with a new e-commerce or business website, you might wonder what mega menus are?

Well, mega menus consist of an expandable menu in web design where choices are featured in a 2-D dropout layout. These offer an easy yet accessible choice for displaying content and illuminating lower level site pages at one glance.

Check out the Characteristics:

  • Divided into categories of group navigations, mega menus feature huge 2-D panels.
  • One can visualize what a site offers at one glance.
  • Navigation options are structured via layout through icons and topography.
  • Menu options feature click, tap or hover.

Now, as per the Canada SEO company experts, mega menus are excellent as they offer users the option to navigate a site deeper with few clicks. However, so many click options can intimidate users too. Hence, while designing a mega menu, business needs careful consideration when it comes to determining the layer and type of mega menu they pick.

This is why; this article will illustrate a few classic examples of the mega menu as pointed out by web design experts, to help you gather an idea about what to pick.

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  1. Callaway

If you check out the website for Callaway, its mega menu features a clean and crisp drop-down menu that is nicely categorized in the sidebar. Thus, it offers a generic outlook of the website’s content in an appealing way.

  1. Puma

As per Canada SEO company professionals, puma does it best when it comes to an organized mega menu.  With a simplistic drop-down menu mostly featured for blogs, and e-Commerce website, it offers segregated categories with content featured clearly. Thus, first timers can instantly gather an overview of the site, and decipher what they need with ease.

  1. Target

Another type of layout you can request from your selected Canada SEO company is that of Target’s. If you view the website you’ll see that Target’s drop-down menu works in a horizontal manner where users can scroll its content via up and down keys. It’s basically easy on the eye and helps users find the right content in a shorter time span.

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  1. Adidas

If you want something funky and out of the box, another website to take inspiration from is Adidas. This one features a drop-down menu that covers almost the entire page. The menu moreover disappears when you move the mouse away from a particular category you had it pointed at.

  1. The White House

One of the most exemplary websites with an authentic mega menu lists subcategories under a single category. Additionally, for a website that offers a plethora of information, it’s a most intrinsic category is the news blog section, that lists current affairs with precision for users to find their required information.

Well, there you have it! With these classic examples of mega menus find one which will suit your business or e-commerce best. For a cleaner insight, ask your Canada SEO company to give you an idea about the type of mega menu which will suit your niche best.  So, hurry and make your website a user-friendly one now!